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Michael Vail ‘24 Observational Scientist As human beings, like any other creatures, we are designed to evolve. That’s what Darwin said just before he discovered gravity. Think about how easy it is to close your eyelids. We do it tens of thousands of times per day. That’s because […]

The Dunkin’ Runner

Michael Vail ‘24 Urban-Inspired Journalist Another day, another dollar. Or another 8 am shift, another $14.25 per hour, I suppose. Haha. Our beloved protagonist walks into a Boston Dunkin’ Donuts (not sponsored), in earshot of the kitchen where a hypothetical shriek could be heard, if one were to […]

The Fauci Effect

Julianna Mariani ‘24 Editor-in-Chief The Fauci Effect Fall 2022, welcome back to the Spire! Even though it is now my third year at Holy Cross, I still feel like a first-year. Which is why the fact that there are so many of them, is very concerning. The only […]