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Matherne Named Crusader of the Year

Jack Godar Editor in chief Sophomore year, Zoë Matherne broke her first Holy Cross track and field record, the outdoor 1500m, passing Jackie McNiff, ‘83, in the record books. “Ever since then I’ve been thirsty for more,” Matherne said. Since that first record sophomore year, Matherne, a senior […]

The Meek Mill Situation

Luke Walsh ‘19 Culture Editor   Throughout January and February, the entire Philadelphia area centered around two things: the Eagles and Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares.” It was a great two months. But while we were partying (somewhat rioting) in the streets, the man that brought us all […]

The Myth of Cultural Appropriation

Olivia Pan Opinions Editor It has been become common to accuse people, most commonly white people, of appropriating another racial group’s music, fashion, hair, etc. And it’s not just white people who are accused of cultural appropriation. For example, Bruno Mars, who is a mix of Filipino, Jewish, […]

1972: Call me Isthishell

Carly Priest Opinions Editor “Scandal: 96 Catholic Universities Have Homosexual Clubs.” That’s the title of an article written by John Ritchie of the group Americans for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP). I actually spoke with John Ritchie on the phone about three weeks ago, when […]