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Natalie A. Correa

Name: Natalie A. Correa ’17 Major: English & Art History Double Major Position(s): Features Editor (Spring 2014-Fall 2014), Chief Features Editor (Spring 2015 & Fall 2016) Favorite Newspaper: T Magazine (The New York Times Style Magazine) Life in a Headline: “Breaking News: Latina Princess Takes HC, and She’s Fabulous”

Carly Priest

1. Name: Carly Priest ’18 2. Major(s): History and English double major 3. Position(s): Opinions Editor (2016-2017) 4. Favorite Newspaper: The New York Times (huge crossword fan) 5. Life in a Headline: “Woman Out-eats Everyone at Contest, Says She ‘Didn’t Even Know There Was a Competition Happening.’”

Austin Penta

1. Name: Austin Penta ’19 2. Major(s): English and Italian double major 3. Position: Copy Editor (2016-2017) 4. Favorite Newspaper: The Boston Globe 5. Life in a Headline: “Italian Stallion on the Loose Recognized as Holy Cross Student”

Kelsey Littlefield

1. Name: Kelsey Littlefield ’17 2. Major(s): Classics; Health Professions Advisory Program 3. Position(s): Chief News Editor (2015-2016, Fall 2016); News Editor (2014-2015) 4. Favorite Newspaper: The Boston Globe 5. Life in a Headline: “Girl Found Comatose after Seeing  Sloths; Blames Excitement and Caffeine Addiction”

Emily Iannaconi

1. Name: Emily Iannaconi ’17 2. Major(s): English Major, Creative Writing Concentration 3. Position(s): Editor-in-Chief (2016); Sports Editor (2014-2015) 4. Favorite Newspaper: The New York Times 5. Life in a Headline: “Emily Iannaconi – Aspiring Professional Storyteller”


The Franchise When Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder this past offseason to join the Golden State Warriors, people looked towards Thunder guard Russell Westbrook to step up and carry the team. So far, he has not disappointed. The Thunder have a winning record and have found […]