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What Happened to the Left?

Spencer Caron ’20 Opinions Editor I ask specifically about the Left because I personally enjoy the music, comedy, art, etc. created by those  who self-identify as liberal, in addition to admiring the Left’s historical obligation to freedom of expression and tolerance. A dearth of conservative stand-up comedians exist, […]

American Horror Story: Do Your Job

Olivia Pan ’20 Chief Opinions Editor On Thursday, September 27, we heard from both Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. People across America were glued to their phones and television screens, watching as both individuals provided riveting testimony in […]

How Journalism Will Live On

Henry Noe ’22 Opinions Editor The amalgamation of artful writing and a retelling of facts comprises the field of journalism. The free press is crucial in developing a society where individuals are intellectually informed and are able to conduct responsible debates about important issues. There have been many […]

Iceland: A Hotspot for Travel

Bianca Miccolis ’21 Features Editor      At one point or another, most of us learned the paradox of Greenland and Iceland.  Iceland is actually green whereas Greenland is actually covered in ice. Moving past that complication, Iceland has become a popular destination for travel.  From the “Explore” […]

That’s News to Me

Kate McLaughlin ’21 News Editor Thursday, September 27th New York, New York The Israeli Prime Minister informed the UN of a “secret atomic warehouse” in Tehran, Iran. He came with photographs and map coordinates of the facility. This may escalate the conflict between Iran and the UN Security […]

The Joker

Greg Hausler Sports Editor   The 2018 NBA season is upon us at last. Per usual, the offseason was a constant barrage of player movement and Woj bombs, from LeBron’s long-awaited move to LA to the current mess of the Jimmy Butler saga. Yet despite all of this […]