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10/30/2020 Newsletter

10/30/2020 The Spring 2021 class schedule debuted on STAR on October 24, presenting students with an abundance of fascinating courses to browse. But how is anyone supposed to narrow down all those great options? Team members from The Spire share recommendations especially for first-years in our article “Class […]

This We Can No Longer Ignore

Grace Manning ’21 Opinions Editor There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of posts circulating on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, urging people to educate themselves in order to help combat issues of violence and government corruption on the African continent. It started with news on SARS or the […]

January Session Need-to-Knows

Sarah Carter ‘24 News Editor Early last week, Holy Cross students received a notification that information and course listings for the January session had been released. The January session, scheduled to begin Monday, January 4 and continue for a period of three weeks, is an option available to […]

Every Vote Counts

Catherine Yackira ‘24 Staff Writer “Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended by adding a new section guaranteeing specific voting rights to all qualified and registered voters in the state?” This is one of the five constitutional amendment proposals on my ballot this year. I was surprised to read […]

Packing the Court: An Irrational Move

Joe Barbieri ’23 Opinions Editor On Oct. 26, Judge Amy Coney Barrett officially became Justice Amy Coney Barrett after Senate Republicans voted to confirm her nomination to the Supreme Court. As the confirmation further tilted the Court to the conservative side, many Democrats have floated the radical idea of […]