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What do they really do? 

Mackenzie Hughes ‘25  Asking for a friend  I have invited some participants to discuss with me what they think these professions are. Below are their responses. They have chosen to remain anonymous out of embarrassment.  Question 1: What do you think the job of a consultant is?  “To […]

SCOTUS: How It Defines America

Ashwin Prabaharan ‘26 Opinions Editor The Supreme Court, over the last decade especially, has received intense scrutiny and animosity over its decisions in socially and politically significant cases that work to redefine the most important aspects of our lives. Headed by nine justices nominated by the President and […]

Will the BRICS Economies Topple the West?

Sean Rego ’26 Staff Writer Recently, the term “BRICS” has made headlines globally. Closer cooperation, a proposed currency and talks of expansion have all sobered the West to the reality of potential opposition, not seen since the 20th Century. Yet while these cooperative agreements between Brazil, Russia, India, […]