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Urchin Father

Mario Micallef ’22 Eggplant Editor [Newport Beach CA, July 5, 1:30 p.m.] [Tim swims and snorkels in the shallow waters of the beach. His wife, Maybel, sits on the beach and sunbathes.] Maybel: Tim, honey, let’s eat!  [Tim remains underwater.] Maybel: Timbelthon Jones, I’m starving. Get out of […]


Mario Micallef ’22 Eggplant Editor Breaking news. A letter was sent to The Big Daily Scoop in 1992. This letter has sat behind our basement mailbox. We finally have the rights to publish it (It’s more that I just got really lucky finding it. I wonder if I […]

All-Star Weekend… Yay or Nay?

Jimmy Casey ‘22 Sports Editor The NBA’s All-Star Weekend has long been one of the league’s most captivating traditions. It’s a great way for the association to bring together its best players and showcase their incredible talents with events like the Skills Challenge, the 3-Point Shootout, and the […]

Senate Segment

2/8/21 Speaker Updates: Meetings between Class Senators and their Class Councils will begin shortly. A bill is being drafted to restructure the Senate so that the Speaker and Parliamentarian become in charge of Internal Affairs. The restructuring would also expand the Student Outreach committee to include academic affairs […]