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(Un)Supportive Support Animals

Mackenzie Hughes ‘25 Hating Hamster All he does is complains and criticizes and complains and criticizes. “Oh, you’re gonna wear that today?” “Don’t you think you’ve had enough chips?” Of course, what makes it worse is that you can’t understand what the hamster is saying, because he is […]

Our Quality of Dialogue

Ashwin Prabaharan ’26 Opinions Editor  Last week, Holy Cross found itself embroiled in a controversy that gripped campus dialogue. An article published in the most recent issue of the Fenwick Review criticizing the Student Government Association’s budgetary practices received wide condemnation from the student body for what was […]

The Decline of Disney

Emily Johnson ‘25 Staff Writer Disney is an iconic company that has changed the way the world views entertainment. Films and television shows created by Disney have become household names for generations, and specifically in Generation-Z, it quickly became a lifestyle, a way of life, and a place […]

Three Crusaders Reach The NFL

Ben Kuchipudi ‘25 Sports Editors Sunday, April 30th, was a huge day for Holy Cross sports. While no Holy Cross player heard their name called during the NFL Draft, three players’ dreams still came true. Cornerback John Smith was invited to the New York Jets minicamp, running back […]

2023 Fenwick Scholar Presentations

Nathan Howard ’25 Chief News Editor On April 25, the College’s 2023 Fenwick Scholars gave presentations in Rehm Library detailing their year-long work as members of the Fenwick Scholar Program. Max Hendrix ’23, gave a presentation titled “Intricacies of Agency: Rational Choice, Behavioral Economics, and Our Normative Commitments” […]

Letter From the Editor

Joseph Abrams ‘23 Editor In Chief It’s often hard for us to imagine goals that aren’t self-serving, to recognize that the small victories we make for ourselves contribute to a larger victory for something much bigger. When we aren’t trying to acquire a new skill, add a new […]