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Olivia Cesarini

Name: Olivia Cesarini ’20 Position: Copy Editor and Web Editor (Fall 2019 – Present) Major: Psychology and Deaf Studies Life as an Eggplant Headline: “If you’re a cat person, a Slytherin, and a Leo, are you automatically the worst?…asking for a friend…”

Tunnel Time

By Mario Micallef ’22Eggplant Editor Editor’s Note: The Eggplant is The Spire’s satirical section. “Your campus looks like Hogwarts.” You have definitely heard that at least a quarter of a million times during your years at Holy Cross, a.k.a HoCro, a.k.a Hilldum, a.k.a come-on-people-let’s-try-to-make-this-year-scandal-free. Sadly, we here on […]