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Russian Assertiveness

Hannah Johnson ‘21 Losing it? Forgive poor English, Greg said I need to write with English letters in this article. Hmph. Well, is fine. Writing is not terrible, but you can perhaps notice accent. It has been entire semester in Russia, I have changed in many ways. I […]

Eli Manning: In Memoriam

Greg Hausler ‘20  Chief Eggplant Editor You can’t spell elite without Eli. Giants fans and national audiences alike may have just witnessed our last primetime Eli Manning game. The ESPN broadcast did everything but play “Fix You” by Coldplay or “Ave Maria” as they followed the longtime Giants […]

A Tale of Two Trees

Matt Anderson ‘21 Big Christmas Guy  As finals draw closer and most Holy Cross students teeter the line between ingesting lethal levels of caffeine and having a mental breakdown, a holiday mania has also begun to sweep campus. Trees, tinsel, and Mariah Carey have infiltrated every facet of […]

Crusader of the Week: Teresa Esquivel

Name: Teresa Esquivel Hometown: Washington DC/Northern Virginia Major: Russian & International Studies Campus Activities: SPUD, occasional frisbee, and Russian tea! Favorite Movie: “The Sound of Music” (basic) Favorite song: Up! By Shania Twain Favorite singer/group: ABBA  Favorite color: Red Favorite sports team: Washington Capitals Favorite class taken at […]