Senior Visual Art Students Present Work in Cantor Exhibit

Caroline Muniz ‘23

Features Editor

On April 26th, a presentation was conducted within the Academic Conference in which Senior Art students were able to present their work, which officially marked the opening of the exhibit titled “Essence.” The student artists in the exhibition include Christian Bachez, Jianing Bai, Brooke Bailey, Aisena Cekrezi, Unique Grimes, Teaken Haggerty, Obiamaka Igwenagu, Ethan McGrath, Kate Nedorostek, Kendra Offermann, Emily Skilton, Noelle Ventura, and Olivia Wiatrowski. 

The Cantor Art Gallery and the Department of Visual Arts collaborated in order to create a collection of works that were created by studio art majors. Studio art majors were given the unique opportunity to participate in a concentration seminar in which they have been able to do independent artistic work. These students have been able to practice their skills and further collaborate in order to create a variety of pieces with different mediums. As it says on the entrance, “this exhibition is a testament to each student’s hard work and perseverance, and to their thoughtful consideration of their unique point of view.”

As one enters the gallery, it feels as though your eyes move in a million different directions at once. Each area has something different and new for the viewer to see. The exhibition features sculptures, paintings, photographs, drawings, and everything in between. Each student artist was able to write a statement in which they can describe their art, their subjects, their inspirations or anything revolving around their experiences while developing their pieces. In addition, there is also a written section of information next to each artist’s works in which the viewer can learn more about the technical aspects of their work such as the materials, mediums and the titles of each piece. Within the same section, one can find a QR code. These provide links to a website where people can learn more about the student artists. It provides an easy way in which one can see all of the artist’s pieces in one place both inside and outside of the gallery. It also shows a picture of the student artist as well as a variety of facts about them. 

It is clear that a great deal of dedication and passion goes into every detail within the student works and I highly encourage you to experience it for yourself. 

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