A Look at the 2023 MLB Season, and Early Team Rankings

Patrick Raidt ‘24

Staff Writer, Totally Not Biased 

With the 2023 MLB season kicking off this week, it is time to take a little sneak peek at each team to get a preview as to how each team is looking to perform this season, as well as to rank these teams coming out of Spring Training to see how they stack up to one another! Will the Astros repeat as world series champions? Who will win the battle in the AL East? Will the Mets actually win a playoff game this season? I will try my best to not play favorites and base my rankings purely on statistics and how these teams have performed. With that being said, let’s take a look!

1. Washington Nationals 

Holding a 55-107 record last year, the 2022 Washington Nationals won the least amount of games in the entire MLB. Despite having an absolutely appalling season where the team boasted the second highest team ERA at 5.00 along with giving up the most home runs in the MLB at 244, the Nationals are poised for a breakout season. With a roster composed of young up and comers such as C.J. Abrams (SS) and Mackenzie Gore (LHP), both of whom came over from the Padres during the massive Juan Soto trade last year, the Nationals organization is filled with young and healthy competitors looking to make names for themselves in the big leagues! The team isn’t shy of home grown talent either, with players such as Josiah Gray (RHP) and Joey Meneses (1B/OF) coming off of great personal seasons last year and looking to grow from and continue this momentum in the new year. With 2019 WORLD SERIES CHAMPION Davey Martinez managing the team, the 2023 are a team that is determined to win and are sure to be easy favorites to win the World Series as they seem to be unparalleled in every possible way when compared to the other 29 teams. 

2. Irrelevant 

The other teams don’t matter. Go Nationals.

3. Irrelevant 

The other teams don’t matter. Go Nationals.

4. Irrelevant

The other teams don’t matter. Go Nationals.

5. Irrelevant

The other teams don’t matter. Go Nationals.


I think you guys get the point. Go Nationals.

30. New York Mets

We don’t like the Mets. Go Nationals.

Pictured: L- Teddy Roosevelt, Nationals Mascot and Legend. | R- Patrick Raidt, Washington Nationals Fan and Absolutely Not Biased in the Slightest

Cover photo courtesy of the MLB

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