100 Days Ball

Gioia Guarino ‘23

Features Section Editor

This past Friday, March 17, 2023, brought more than Saint Patrick’s pot of gold, but the senior classes 100 days ball! Hosted by the Purple Key Society, the committee invited all 2023 Senior class members to a night full of fun, food, and dancing. The event occurred at the beautiful Mechanics Hall on Main Street in Worcester! Students not only anticipated the dance, but pictures on our beautiful campus in front of Fenwick and along the Dinand steps.

The school provided transportation to and from the venue to ensure all students avoided personal modes of transit and remained safe throughout the night. Buses began to let students pile on at 5 pm on Friday from the Hogan Ballroom, offering pizza slices as students waited in line. Those who live off campus were also required to take the transportation, there and back.

I felt great when I got to the event and the concert hall was excitedly buzzing. My closest friends and fellow classmates surrounded me, taking pictures and reminiscing on the following years together. The hall offered a coat check, which was great as the Worcester weather has yet to decide if it is still winter or spring! After the coat check, the students ascended a beautiful staircase that led to the main ballroom. On either side, bars offered alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to students with valid IDs. The middle row offered food stations, from cheese and crackers to bacon-wrapped scallops to mac n cheese! The food was delicious, and the desserts were even better! 

Despite my excitement, the reminder of our fleeting days crept on me as I danced the night away. As we all will embark on different paths, come May, taking advantage of school-sponsored events that unite us as a community and, more importantly, as a class is amazing. I really enjoyed how the dance did not allow anyone to attend that was not a part of the class. The requirement made for a more intimate setting and allowed our grade to reflect on our time together.

The event required wristband pickup, and seniors could even request a pizza for their roommates! The pizza ensures students remember to eat despite the excitement before the night begins. Students were able to buy tickets via myHC. 

Happy less than 100 days, seniors! 

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