Overheard Holy Cross

Mackenzie Hughes ‘25 

Snowy weather sympathizer

Two friends in Stein: 

“Did you submit the assignment yet?” 

“It’s due at midnight.” 

“It’s DUE?! I understood it as more of a suggestion” 

Between students:

“Do they take meal swipes here?” 

“This is Fenwick.”

Conversation outside Hogan: 

“The next Edge shuttle comes at 5:30, but that’s only when its supposed to come. Nothing is sure in this life.”

Overheard in Cool Beans: 

“Hey how’d the test go?”

“I might as well not have showed up.”

Visitor to student: 

“Do you know where the admissions office is?”

“Around the corner and 20 miles north to a different school.”

Two students on line at Crossroads: 

“I don’t want to wake up my hamster.” 

“What hamster?” 

“The one in my pocket.” 

Overheard in O’Kane:

“Omg I’m so bored.” 

“We’re in the middle of office hours.” 

“Did I say that out loud?”

Two friends walking: 

“I’m exhausted.” 

“From what?”

“Honestly, I wasn’t expecting an interrogation.” 

Between two strangers: 

“Hey can you google virgo pisces love compatibility for me, my phone’s about to die?”

In the basement of Wheeler: 

“If I don’t get 8 hours of sleep tonight, I think I might die.” 

Overheard during a football game:

“What are you doing after college?” 

“Becoming a stay at home daughter.” 

Group of girls in the PAC: 

“My sister works in cybersecurity so she can basically hack anything.” 

“Can she get me Taylor Swift tickets?”

Walking into Stein: 

“When I do my laundry I don’t work out. That’s my exercise for the day.”

Whispered in the stacks: 

“My favorite song is that Scottish song … 1000 miles?”

“It’s 500 miles, but he said he’d walk 500 more, so I see the confusion” 

Tour guide to group: 

“In Worcester, it rains without purpose or commitment.” 

Overheard at Kimball: 

“I don’t like the yellow cheese, but the white cheese is pretty good.” 

“That’s butter.”

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