Peep My Crib!

Caroline Wallace ‘23

Features Editor

In my off-campus house, I live on the third floor. Because of this, the ceilings in my room are slanted and the walls are all wood paneling. When I first moved in, I wasn’t sure how to spruce it up. However, the wood paneling did vaguely remind me of my favorite artist, Taylor Swift, and her album Folklore. I decided to take this theme and run with it. I added mini disco balls at the top of my ceiling in reference to Swift’s song “Mirrorball.” I also added a clock that I bought at a store in York, Maine. The clock was made by a local artist who glued numbers to the Folklore record and added working hands. 

Also on my bed is a stuffed rabbit from the bookstore wearing a Holy Cross Cheer uniform. I have been on the cheer team here all four years, and this year I am a captain. The stuffed rabbit was a gift from one of the first-year students on the team, Julia Biamonte ‘26. Another gift from a friend is also in my room, and that is a mini canvas painting of my dog. My friend Brennan Regnier ‘23 is a talented artist who often surprises my roommates and I with paintings of our pets! 

I also have included a picture of my living room. It is not the biggest space in the house, because it is on the third floor, but we have several bean bags and futon. My roommates and I like to hang out upstairs on weeknights, and we have a TV where we watch different movies together. Our favorite activity there, however, has to be playing the Wii. My roommate Abby brought her family’s Wii to the apartment and now we enjoy playing Wii Sports and Mario Kart. However, playing these games is a risk because there is a high chance that you may hit your head on the slanted ceiling. Also in my living room is a photoshopped picture of my roommates and I outside of our apartment. My roommate Caroline Tornatore ‘23 uses photoshop on her iPad mini to make different designs using pictures she has taken. As a joke, she photoshopped different pictures of all of my roommates onto the house. We loved it so much that we decided to blow up the picture onto a canvas. It now sits in our living room and is a great conversation piece when people come to our house for the first time.

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