Grace Bromage: Crusader of the Week

Name: Grace Bromage

Class year: 2023

Hometown: Kingston, MA

Major: English, Education Minor, Creative Writing Concentration

Campus activities: The Spire, Writer’s Workshop, Study Abroad Ambassador 

Favorite movie: Anastasia (1997) 

Favorite song: Rhiannon by FleetwoodMac

Favorite singer/group: ABBA

Favorite color: purple

Favorite sports team: Red Sox

Favorite class taken at Holy Cross: Families, Students, Schools

Item on HC bucket list: have one normal Spring semester on campus 

Embarrassing HC moment: leaving Brooks late during a fire alarm in my first-year because I slept through it 

Bragging rights: I interviewed a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 

Words to live by: it’ll all work out in the end

One thing you would change at HC: healthy dinner options for people on apartment plans who don’t want to cook

Favorite TV show: Derry Girls 

Favorite book: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie 

Favorite kimball meal: cheese and poblano empanadas 

Favorite Cool Beans drink: dirty chai

Favorite spot on campus: the Rodino library in Fenwick

Favorite off-campus restaurant: Birch Tree Bread

Guilty pleasure: making WAY too many Spotify playlists for every mood I’m in

Some small things that make your day better: my parents sending me photos/videos of our dogs

First thing you do when you wake up: check my phone notifications 

Last thing you do before going to bed: read on my phone

Favorite place you have traveled to: Ireland or Hawaii 

Something you look forward to when you go home: spending time with my dogs 

Post-graduation plans: we’ll see

Favorite memory at HC: the post-Thanksgiving snow day in my freshman year (I worry that Zoom has made snow days extinct), but really anytime I’m with friends  

Credited to Nicole Letendre ‘23

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