Company Comes to Holy Cross

Nathan Howard ’25

News Editor

This weekend, Sondheim’s classic musical Company opens at the Prior Arts Performing Center. The extremely talented cast, led by director Meaghan Deiter, has been working hard since October to bring us this show.   Company is a concept musical by Stephen Sondheim that centers around Bobby, a young man living in New York City. It’s a look into his life as he comes to terms with the fact that all his friends are married or about to be. It examines what it means to be in a relationship and how the relationships with those around us impact our own lives. Bobby struggles with this concept throughout the show, as he sees the distinct pros and cons of being in a committed relationship through the lens of his closest friends. He sees the relationships around him and feels conflicted about what he wants for himself. 

Though this show was originally produced in 1970, I believe it has never been more relevant than in today’s world. When set in the present day, Company explores the reality and challenges of connection in the modern world. Thinking about the show’s focus on relationships and society, I began to examine connections in our modern world. In this new age of technology and social media, the nature of our relationships has changed.  Some may be for the better, we are now able to connect with a significantly greater number of people than ever before. But has the nature of our connection changed for the better? It seems that though the number of people we know has grown, our relationships with these people have grown more superficial and less “real.”  We face a significant problem in our society. We need interpersonal connections to form good friendships, but that involves taking a risk. Spending real time and sharing physical space with another human being is no longer ordinary for a generation raised by social media.  Real human relationships are risky. They force us to see our limitations and sometimes disappoint us. But I think that the risk is also what makes them potentially so great. By forming real relationships, we can actually begin to talk, listen to each other, and have meaningful conversations about what can be done. We can feel less lonely knowing we have someone to depend on. And we can work together to make a difference in our disconnected world. Our closest relationships are what make us get out of bed in the morning; we wouldn’t trade them for anything.  I think Company is a perfect show to encapsulate this changing reality as it takes on a new meaning and new significance with its new modern setting. Sondheim doesn’t sugarcoat the reality of our interactions with others. But he also highlights the beauty found in our ordinary relationships, and the value to be gained whether or not these relationships lead to happy endings. Company shows us humanity in a vulnerable light. It is a truly special show that speaks to the human experience. Hopefully, it will show us that there is something to be gained by deepening our connections once again. The show will run for two weeks, so there are plenty of opportunities to see it. Show dates and times can be found online at  See you there!

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