An Honorable Defense of Mint Chocolate Chip

Ashwin Prabaharan ’26

Opinions Editor

Before I began writing this piece, the sheer ferocity of the mint chocolate chip debate still hung around my shoulders. I’ve always wrangled with this decision, whether to support a cooling flavor that refreshes your taste buds, or to follow along with the vast majority who compare it to toothpaste. I apologize in advance, but mint chocolate chip is awesome. 

You find a confluence of tastes melting in one spoon, and though there are a great many other flavors that deserve praise, mint chocolate chip is worthy of greater. It’s not as foundational as chocolate or vanilla, but it serves rather as a symbol of elegance, of stature. It’s an item of luxury that you can mix a great many toppings with, and none will fail you. To those who claim that the flavor tastes like Crest, I’m sorry to say that you have not had a good, well-mixed mint chocolate chip. Even if you do have a spoon of Breyers or Edy’s and are adamant about the “toothpaste” taste, you are simply wrong. I may not have hard data to back my claims, but take my word for it, and the millions of others who are ardent supporters of the flavor. 

Here’s a test for you: Take a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and not from a suspiciously cheap source, and top it on a warm brownie or cookie. Put some sprinkles, cherry, or any dessert sauce. Tell me how you feel about the flavor after that. I expect only one of three reactions: You either hate it even more, you like it a lot more, or you have fallen victim to the wonderous, refreshing, and cooling taste of this flavor. Marilyn Ricketts, a culinary student at South Devon College in England, came across this earthly wonder in 1973, and for that millions around the world thank her. Now, take a jab at my test, and join our cult, I mean welcoming community.

Photo by A Food Lover’s Kitchen

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