Student Wellness Housing Community

Brendan Bonner ’23

News Editor

Student wellness has always been of the utmost importance at Holy Cross. Throughout the semesters, new activities or services have been put in place that focus on improving wellness for students in need. In hopes to further bolster student wellness over the coming years, Holy Cross is planning to institute a brand new Student Wellness Housing Community. The Student Wellness Housing Community would be a housing community on campus that focuses on student wellness, as the title suggests. This community would be different from the substance free housing that already exists on campus, rather it would focus on overall good health and the pursuit of goals.

In anticipation for the creation of this community there will be a dinner on Thursday Dec. 1. Over a free Chipotle meal, students will have the opportunity to voice their thoughts and feelings about how a wellness housing community would look at Holy Cross. The dinner is scheduled between 7:00-8:30 p.m. and is a great potential chance to shape housing on campus. It is an open discussion, however there are some guided questions that students can think about before attending the dinner. Per the email we received from The Office of Student Wellness on the 21, questions range from “Are you passionate about wellness?” To more complicated questions such as “What is missing for students here as it relates to wellness, and how can we fill those needs with this opportunity?”           

With those questions in mind, be sure to register on MyHC if you are interested in developing a wellness community on campus, or if you simply want to talk to representatives from The Office of Student Wellness and The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

I decided to ask fellow student Holly Tente ’23 on her thoughts about a potential wellness community on campus. Although current seniors may not be here long enough to experience the community themselves, their insight as long time residents is invaluable. On the thought of a Student Wellness Housing Community on campus, Holly noted “An on campus community focused on student wellbeing would be a great addition to Holy Cross.” She continued, “It is also great that students will have the ability to provide their input on what a wellness community looks like to them.”  

Again for those interested, register on MyHC for the dinner on Dec. 1, or reach out to The Office of Student Wellness Education located in the Jo!

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