Kimball Thanksgiving Dinner: 11/17

Gioia Guarino ‘23

Features Section Editor

Photo courtesy of royalty free image
Flat lay of Friends Feasting at Thanksgiving Day

The annual Kimball Thanksgiving dinner returned to campus on Thursday, November 17, 2022! Hungry students flocked to the main dining hall, forming lines and buzzing with excitement. As the leaves fall, temperatures drop, and coats become a closet staple, there is no better way to commence the holiday season than with a Kimball Thanksgiving dinner. With finals approaching and days of the fall semester fleeting, it is special to feel the holiday spirit with your loved ones on the hill. 

Kimball hosts regular themed nights throughout the school year, from Halloween to late-night breakfast for dinner during finals. Although these nights all include full bellies and fun music, the Thanksgiving event is extra special. It is a good night whenever Kimball has a line of students outside the doors and needs more forks! 

This year’s menu was all of the classic entrees and side dishes. Offering turkey for the main course accompanied by delicious sides. Kimball provided mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, vegetables, gravy, rolls, and vegan options as well! The lines wrapped around the seating area as everyone awaited their meal. The menu felt like home, and it was a great way to grab dinner with my roommates and feel the Thanksgiving gratitude in the air.

Now for the best part– dessert. For dessert options, Kimball provided personal-sized Table Talk Pies. These pies are delicious, and a local Worcester business also makes them, located right near the beloved Polar Park! Flavors included apple, blueberry, lemon, cherry, and chocolate eclair pie! Even though these pies were delicious, no Kimball Thanksgiving is complete without apple crisp. Kept warm and served with vanilla soft serve, the apple crisp is the perfect ending to the holiday feast. 

My favorite part of the dinner was Kimball’s atmosphere throughout the night. Although almost everyone on campus dines at Kimball, a themed event creates an environment of community and thankfulness. 

While the menu stole the show, the dining hall was also festively dressed for the holiday season. With lights and holiday decorations, Kimball felt like my dining room! However, the night would not have been possible without the help of the Kimball staff. They truly kept the spirits alive, assisting the large turnout of students with their holiday meals and dishes. With the Kimball staff, nights like this were a great experience.

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