Crusader of the Week: Haley Welsh ’23

Photo courtesy of Haley Welsh ’23
Haley Welsh ’23

Name: Haley Welsh 

Year: 2023 

Hometown: Westborough, MA

Major: Economics & Spanish 

Campus Activities: Washington Semester, Study Abroad (Spain), Tour guide, Club Volleyball, Study Abroad Ambassador, Economics Tutor 

Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting 

Favorite Song: New Year’s Day 

Favorite Singer/Group: Taylor Swift 

Favorite Color: Blue 

Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots 

Favorite Class Taken at Holy Cross: My Montserrat – The Rise of Modern Food!

Favorite Professor: Professor Anderton 

Item on HC Bucket List: Dinner with President Rougeau – I was on the waitlist for the last one

Biggest HC Regret: Not getting more involved sooner! I joined a lot more clubs and took on a lot more roles my senior year that I wish I did sooner. 

Embarrassing HC Moment: I broke my HC ID by falling UP the stairs in Lehy during my sophomore year. It’s still cracked almost in half today so I’m just hoping it lasts until May.

Bragging Rights: I won the Vannicelli Award for my DC thesis 

Words to Live By: My host grandfather in Spain once told me we have the vaccine for everything except getting old…that’s stuck with me. 

One Thing You Would Change at HC: All the stairs. Or Croads hours. 

Favorite TV Show: Modern Family 

Favorite Book: Verity 

Favorite Kimball Meal: General Tso Chicken 

Favorite Cool Beans Drink: Raspberry Iced Tea 

Favorite Spot on Campus: The tables outside Cafe Babel. This is the best spot on campus to socialize, especially between classes when I see everyone I know. 

Favorite Off-Campus Restaurant: The Mercantile 

Guilty Pleasure: Kimball classics, which I’m definitely missing living off campus 

Some Small Things that Make Your Dav Better: Campion cookies, unexpected run-ins with friends on campus, and Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone 

First Thing You Do When You Wake Up: Check my phone/catch up on social media 

Last Thing You Do Before Going to Bed: Check tomorrow’s weather 

Favorite Place You Have Traveled To: Venice, Italy 

Role-Model: My supervisor from when I worked at the TSA during the Washington semester program. She went to Holy Cross and did the program too so really inspires me and shows that going back to Washington post-grad is completely doable and a great opportunity! 

Something You Look Forward to When You Go Home: Grabbing a coffee and bagel at my hometown coffee shop and then roaming around target with my sister

Post-Graduation Plans: I’m hoping to go back to Spain and teach for a year but eventually want to go back to DC to start my career. 

Favorite Memory at HC: Spring Weekend 2022 was awesome! I had just spent the year away from campus so it was so fun catching up with everyone but also because of covid, it was my class’ first spring weekend so it was super fun for all of us!

Interviewed by Rea Nassif ’24 Features Editor

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