Because of Inflation

Mackenzie Hughes ‘25 

Avid Student

Because of inflation 

Half marathons will now be 14 miles

We’re gonna have an even bigger freshman class next year

The Harry Potter series will now be nine movies 

Because of inflation 

Dunkin’ Donuts cup holders will now have five spots for drinks

33 credits will be required to graduate 

Mac Jones’ jersey number is now 11 

Because of inflation 

The HC football team will have five Patriot League championship wins 

3-step verification will be required to log into Gmail 

An extra-large size will be offered at Cool Beans 

Because of inflation 

Leonardo DiCaprio will have two Oscar wins 

Disneyland will be charging for every memory made 

Crocs will have more modes than sport mode

Because of inflation 

All-Too-Well 10-minute version is now 11 minutes

There will be a 5th floor of Brooks 

The Spotify logo will have four stripes

Because of inflation 

Unicorns will have two horns 

There will be three-associated Luth buildings 

Apple with be adding a 4th camera to the iPhone

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