CAB Hosts Halloween Cookie Decorating Event: Happy Halloween

Nicole Letendre ‘23

Chief Features Editor

On Friday, October 21, CAB (Campus Activities Board) hosted a Halloween Cookie Decorating Event in the Loyola Ballroom. CAB members were dressed in an array of fun Halloween costumes, and they played spooky Halloween music to create an entertaining atmosphere. Several tables were dressed up with cute centerpieces and cookie-decorating supplies were spread out amongst the tables. Frostings, various sprinkles, and candy eyeballs were provided for students to decorate their cookies with, and everyone enjoyed getting into the Halloween spirit. There was a large inflatable Halloween decoration in the room, and various other decorations surrounded the doors to the Loyola Ballroom, creating a spooky but exciting environment for this Halloween event. Students attended the event with friends and roommates, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a fun night. 

CAB members provided several pumpkins for students to carve. Supplies such as individual pumpkin carving kits with paper stencils allowed for easy carving and a fun way to kick off the weekend. There were a variety of pumpkin designs, such as a cat (pictured), and all were so cute and well-done! Halloween is an exciting time of year that allows students to have fun and enjoy some of their favorite fall traditions, such as cookie decorating and pumpkin carving! Around campus, there are plenty of ways to get excited for Halloween, whether that be attending the annual Healy Haunted House or watching Halloween movies with friends, such as the newly released Hocus Pocus 2! 

Whatever your plans for Hallo-weekend, remember to have fun and stay safe! Wishing everyone a very Happy Halloween, and a chance to unwind and enjoy all the fall festivities and traditions. Feel free to complete the Halloween crossword puzzle included in this issue to start off your Hallo-weekend and make it a great one!

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