Popular Worcester Food Options

Brendan Bonner ‘23

News Staff Writer

With a new year starting on the hill, many students might be wondering about off-campus food options to order from or visit after classes. Luckily, Worcester is a city packed with a large variety of great food and has been known as a Massachusetts for foodies all over. This year there are a few notable spots that are great to know for both new and returning students, along with a tried and true Holy Cross spot that deserves a renewed spotlight for the upcoming year. All of these restaurants deliver through Grubhub, so all students have access to them even if they are without a car/ride. 

A definitely familiar spot for returning Holy Cross students is El Patron on Harding Street. While being a bit far from campus, El Patron is a staple for great and authentic Mexican food within Worcester. For students without a car El Patron does deliver via Grubhub, making it a very accessible option in general. Their menu generally consists of traditional Mexican cuisine, while also incorporating some fusion items such as their nacho fries. 

A location closer to campus is Wayback Burger, just shortly down Walmart Way. Don’t let its location next to Walmart fool you, Wayback Burger has been a hallmark spot for great American style food that also doesn’t break the bank. Like El Patron, Wayback Burger delivers on Grubhub for those without cars. 

A great option for vegans or vegetarians is Lovinghut. Lovinghut has a wide variety of vegan friendly items and is a nationally recognized chain known for its quality. The menu is truly extensive at both its Chandler Street location and its Hamilton Street one, and is sure to have something for everyone regardless of taste. 

A place that has been popular amongst Holy Cross students for years is of course Acoustic Java. Acoustic Java has two locations throughout Worcester, the one closest to campus is the Cafe and Roastery which is found at 3 Brussels Street; making it a short drive or ambitious walk away. The other location is the Cafe, which is smaller and found at 932 A Main Street. Acoustic Java has been a premier location for Holy Cross students in need of coffee throughout the day, while also consisting of a quaint yet extensive food menu. Unfortunately Acoustic Java does not deliver but it does allow you to order in advance online, and pick up at the counter. 

The last place to mention is not unique to Worcester but is a perfect place to know of for the rest of the school year. Insomnia Cookies is a popular specialty cookie shop that is known for its super late hours, as the name suggests. Insomnia Cookies is not just known for this late hours gimmick, rather it has grown to such popularity on account of the sheer quality of all of their cookies. Insomnia Cookies does deliver through its website and does delivery late into the night, making it a great conclusion to a late weekend night. 

As the year starts be sure to venture out into the city of Worcester and try some of these food options!

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