Students Celebrate Women’s Basketball Win Against BU

Nicole Letendre ’23

Chief Features Editor

Photo courtesy of the Holy Cross Womens Basketball Instagram
Students Celebrate HC Basketball Win

On Wednesday, March 2, the College of the Holy Cross Women’s Basketball team went head-to-head with Boston University at the Hart Center Arena for the title of the Patriot League Regular Season Championship. The game was high energy all the way through, and the Saders left their all on the court. As a “White Out” game, the team sported their white uniforms, and the Holy Cross Cheerleading team threw basketball t-shirts to the high-spirited crowd of students, parents, and family members. The game ended with a Holy Cross win and the score was 59 to 48. Afterwards, there was celebration among the players and their fellow students, with members of the football team joining the players on the court and sharing in their excitement. Each member of the Women’s Basketball team took turns climbing a ladder to the basketball hoop and cutting a souvenir piece of the net, with the coach going last and cutting a piece for each of her daughters. The excitement in the room was hard to contain and was a beautiful show of the Holy Cross spirit and camaraderie between players. In light of Holy Cross Women’s Basketball win, a celebratory event was held in Hogan 1, with many students showing up to sign a poster for the team, as well as grab some mini purple frosted cupcakes. There were also Holy Cross towels, scarves, and purple accessories given away to students. Not only was the game itself a well-played and fun event, but the energy of students and families in the crowd, cheering on the players, was also heartfelt to watch. The team has worked so hard this season, and so many students were there to support them during that important game. If you’re able, come support your fellow student athletes during their sports’ season and enjoy a Holy Cross sporting event. Many students were first drawn to Holy Cross due to the strong sense of community, and that absolutely comes through in the high energy and spirit of games like these. After our first week back to classes from Spring Break, it’s important to find moments to socialize with friends and support each other’s hard-earned accomplishments, which was definitely seen in the win by the Holy Cross Women’s Basketball team and the campus-wide celebration that followed.

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