The Highlight of Break

Julianna Mariani ‘24

Editor-in-Chief, Cookie Correspondent 

It’s been a long winter but we’re back with another issue of The Spire! Shockingly enough I’ve been promoted this semester so you’ll be seeing a bit less of me in my favorite section *insert a super nonchalant wink.* I’ll miss you all dearly but you’re in great hands now. It wouldn’t be a traditional article if I didn’t tell a story about what you’ve missed in my life, though. I’m not gonna lie, not a lot has happened, but as I was scrolling through my camera roll, trying to find something notable to write about, I stumbled upon the most heavenly pictures that I almost forgot I took. 

The day before I left to come back to campus, I had some sibling bonding time with my sister. We have been seeing viral TikToks about Crumbl Cookies for months (if you haven’t then you might want to make sure you’re not living under a rock). When we found out that they opened up a brand new location in CT, we had to make the trek. It didn’t matter the drive was an hour for us. We ended up spending a grand total of 40 bucks on six cookies. Now I’m not going to say it was 100% worth it because they really were just cookies, but if you were to ask me if I’d do it again, I would say yes in a heartbeat. 

If you don’t know how Crumbl works, it’s basically a giant bakery that just cranks out cookies all day long. Every single thing in the place is hot pink and smells like a fifth grade birthday party (in a good way). Every week, there are six new flavors of humongous cookies and the idea is that you’ll go get a box of them all to try each new flavor. This is a genius marketing strategy because it means people will always come back, but it’s also slightly problematic because you never know when your favorite flavor is going to make a return. Also, if you’re allergic to anything it’s very hard to avoid those ingredients. Hence why my sibling outing only involved my sister and not my nut allergy brother. I pity the nut allergy kids for they will probably never savor the sweet taste of a Crumbl Reese’s peanut butter or rocky road cookie. My heart goes out to you. 

Anyway, 10/10 I recommend, except I advise you to bring your own water; undoubtedly the cookies will make you thirsty and the seven dollar bottles with the child-proof seal are simply not worth the money. 

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