Snapshots of the Class of 2022

Dennis Liu ’22

Staff Writer, A Drummer

Over this past week, Senior Convocation was held for the Class of 2022. Part of the beautiful ceremony included “snapshots,” or brief descriptions, reflections and/or vignettes of different moments, small or large, from the current senior class. Here are 15 snapshots that did not make the cut. (Warning: Some snapshots may be anxiety-inducing.)

-The overwhelming anxiety of whether or not you could live in Williams or Figge senior year.

-Listening to the debates over Senior Ball being outside in the cold and wondering if you have your priorities straight because you were more bummed out over the cash bar.

-Severely underestimating and crying over the 100-level class you took in Fall 2021, which ended up being the hardest of all the courses you took.

-Wondering what underclassmen meant when they said they were going to “D’Ags,” and cringing because it is the Science Café and nothing else.

-The frustration of seeing Holy Cross’s long-term Study Abroad program being ranked #1 in the nation when you could not go abroad because your program was canceled.

-If you organize and check your email frequently, groaning at the 1000000th reminder that the Academic Internship Program is still taking applications.

-Rolling out of bed at 6:59am to enroll for classes, as opposed to when you woke up at 5am freshman year to go to your “lucky-spot” on campus because it had the “best service” (it’s all the same anywhere you go, people) (also kudos to y’all who were always just rolling out of bed at the last second for enrollment well before senior year).

-Getting the classes you want for enrollment and seeing the faces of dread around you for those who did not (but actually not getting any of the classes you wanted for enrollment and seeing the j@ck@sses who did celebrate right in front of you like good for you shut up)

-Asking financial aid if there is anything you or they could do to better afford coming to our very expensive institution and getting the spitting image of the shrugging old-white guy meme.

-The excitement of getting and taking a substitution shift for work because you can make a little more money this week.

-Realizing, “Dang, I go to school with REALLY rich people!” 

-The first-year ends and you still do not know what Montserrat was really about.

-Senior year begins and you still do not know what Montserrat was really about.

-Every moment with Vinny, or “Dumbledore”—he’s really the best and we are lucky to have him!

-And last, but not least, when that sweet, sweet, senior-year existential crisis hits… Happy spring semester to all!

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