Peep My Crib: Loyola!

Arianna Arguedas and Caitlin McCutcheon have transformed a regular dorm into a cute and comfy space that feels like home! Although the two sides seem very different at face value, they equally create a relaxing space that they can both enjoy. 

As you walk into the room, a Maine license plate hangs on the wall, along with a Holy Cross banner. Since they are both from Maine, this adds a great element of the place they call home. When asked about their favorite parts of the room, they both said this wall. “It’s our two homes,” said Arguedas. 

On one side, we have light tones and too many fluffy things to count. It is almost as though it resembles a cloud. Arguedas loves pink tones and finds that these colors create a very pretty scenery. She also has many different fairy lights that make the wall look like it is covered in stars. McCutheon’s side makes you feel as though you are at the beach. She focuses more on darker blue colors, and you cannot miss the amazing tapestry that hangs above her bed. She also has a large plant in a painted flower pot that McCutcheon painted herself!

“My favorite part of the room is my plant because Loyola gets great sunlight so it’s thriving here,” said McCutcheon. 

One of the things that these sides share is the countless amount of photos and memories that hang on the walls. Arguedas and McCutcheon both use the space to showcase the people they love. They even have a few photos of each other, just in case they forget. They also share a very comfy chair in the corner, perfect for studying or even just watching tik toks.  

Arguedas and McCutcheon have been able to create the perfect space for the two of them to live in that also reminds them of home!

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