Who Dunnit? A Murder Mystery Night with ACT!

Nicole Letendre ‘23
Chief Features Editor

As a fun and spooky start to Halloweekend, the College of the Holy Cross’s ACT (Alternate College Theater) put on a Murder Mystery night for students in Hogan Ballroom on Friday, Oct. 29. Upon arrival, attendees and performers were assigned a “character” and a list of objectives as part of the pirate-themed murder mystery event. Throughout the night, participants mingled with others in attendance, asking them certain questions as specified in their individual objectives and getting more information about the characters and their connections to one another. Performers were dressed in their pirate-best, and it was a fun-filled night of acting and entertainment! After conversing for a while, one of the characters was dramatically “killed,” and the event became a true ‘Who Dunnit?’ From there, participants were instructed to get a new set of objectives for their character, as well as a list of information they had gathered from the first part of the event. The conversations continued, and attendees were even provided with an assortment of cupcakes to keep them full and ready for some more detective work. By the end of the night, attendees filled out a Google Form, guessing who they believed was the murderer, as well as voted for best student performance and best costume—or, as they put it, the “Drama Queen Award” and the “Dressed to Kill Award.” At the end of the event, all in attendance circled around, and they were told who the murderer was, as well as their motives! Overall, ACT put on a great event that got many into the Halloween spirit, kicking off Halloweekend in a fun-filled way. Those in attendance were all smiles, as they spoke to the performers and tried their best to piece together their own theory about ‘Who Dunnit!’ 

Photo by Nicole Letendre ‘23

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