Women’s Ice Hockey: “Heart, Grit, and an Unbeatable Attitude”

Caroline Wallace ‘23

Features Editor 

The College of the Holy Cross’ Women’s Ice Hockey team just recently began their 2021-2022 season, and I had the opportunity to interview captain Sofia Smithson about how this season is different in comparison to previous years as well as what to expect from the team in their upcoming season. One thing about this season that is different than last year’s season that Smithson described is the fact that “games are promised.” Last year, game schedules were up in the air because of the pandemic; however, this year is different and the team is grateful for an opportunity to return to normalcy and play the game that they love dearly. Smithson added that the improved state of the pandemic has also allowed for overnight trips to games. Recently, the team spent the weekend at Penn State University for a game. These overnight trips allow an opportunity for the team to bond with one another. On campus, there have also been more opportunities to bond in comparison to last year. Smithson commented, “we’re allowed to hangout on campus a lot more and simply be with each other,” which she feels has allowed for more positivity within the team dynamic this season. 

Sofia Smithson was recently named a captain this season and she is eager to fulfill this leadership role and “show our league what our team is capable of.” Smithson explained that the team has “the depth and skill to play at a high level and I’m excited to get some wins under our belt this year.” With the way the team has played so far, Smithson looks to the season with a positive outlook. Smithson describes the team as “playing with heart, grit and an unbeatable attitude.” She feels that the atmosphere within the locker room suggests that both mentally and physically the team is pushing their boundaries, and there seems to be a consensus within the team to “go farther than we ever have before.” 

After the ways in which the pandemic has impeded Smithson’s collegiate athletic career, she is motivated now more than ever to lead the team to success. She included that “being a collegiate athlete is something that you never take for granted.” Smithson proves this by constantly pushing personal physical limits to improve her athletic capabilities and using her role as a leader on the team to push her teammates to do the same. She, alongside her coaches and co-captains, has fostered a positive community within the team where the women are constantly motivating one another to do their best. The Women’s Ice Hockey team is a remarkable program within Holy Cross athletics because of its commitment to team values and hard work. 

The Women’s Ice Hockey team has games this weekend at Holy Cross on Friday, Oct. 29 and Sunday Oct. 31. For more information about the team and their game schedule, follow their Instagram page @hcrosswhockey. 

Photos Courtesy of Sofia Smithson ’23

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