Students Explore Foreign Policy in the Alexander Hamilton Society

Owen Whaley ’24

Features Editor

The Alexander Hamilton Society has emerged as a staple of political life on campus. Its passionate members explore a myriad of foreign policy issues: relations between the United States and China, political and economic instability in Latin America, the dangers of nuclear proliferation, and more. 

“It provides a great opportunity for political science nerds like myself to geek out on foreign policy,” Milo Fallon ‘24 told me. 

The non-partisan student organization exposes students to the most pressing global issues while promoting principled American leadership in world affairs. “AHS embraces free speech and informed thought so that we can debate and let the best ideas rise to the top,” its president, Kaitlyn Romaine ’22 told me. “It is the ideal way for foreign policy to be discussed: analyzing all angles of a situation from various perspectives. This is why AHS gives students access to some of the nation’s top foreign policy experts, bringing them to campus for intimate discussions, paving the way for a more safe and prosperous world.” 

Photo Courtesy of Kaitlyn Romaine ’22

Last month, the club held its first in-person speaker event since the pandemic, a lecture on the changing nature of warfare by technology and national security experts at Rehm Library. “I was involved with AHS during its founding year and was tremendously impressed by the quality of the speakers and depth of the subject matter that the club often covered in relation to current international issues and national security topics,” said treasurer Rudy Antoncic ’22.

Members of the organization are provided with opportunities for career development in the national security and foreign policy fields. “Our leadership team wants to make ourselves a resource to underclassmen who are interested in foreign policy,” Romaine said. “Whether it’s advice about choosing a major, our internship experiences, or strategies we’ve used to succeed, we want to answer their questions.” 

Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, the club has grown into a lively community of different beliefs and backgrounds. “We’ve become a force to be reckoned with,” Romaine told me, “and I am confident that the organization will be around for much longer at Holy Cross.” Students interested in joining are encouraged to email alexanderhamiltonsociety@g.holycross.edu. Meetings are held every other Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. and speaker events are held twice each semester.

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