Tips And Tricks For Entertaining Your Parents on the Hill

Julianna Mariani ‘24
Events Planner Extraordinaire

-buy them a Cool Beans milkshake—provided you’ve got some dining dollars left

-give them a tour of your dorm room. Warning: this will only take up about five minutes of time

-sneak them into Kimby: proceed with caution

-give them a tour of campus: also known as a leg workout

-search for wild animals: preferably not rabid ones

-introduce them to all of your friends: also proceed with caution

-bring them on a nature walk: apparently there are multiple opportunities for that this weekend

-stare at some foliage: especially ideal for grandparents

-bring them to all the places you’ve cried about school: they’ll love that

-sit on benches: that’ll definitely kill some time

-most importantly: be safe out there, guys, parents throw some curveballs

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