The 2021 Fall Concert: The Kid LAROI Takeover

Caroline Muniz 23

Staff Writer

On Oct. 1, College of the Holy Cross students were able to attend a special fall concert featuring rap artist The Kid LAROI! For the majority of students, this was their very first in-person concert at Holy Cross. 

After the cancellation of the past two in-person spring concerts, students were over the moon excited to hear about the opportunity for a fall concert. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the seniors of the class of 2022 are the only class to have experienced a concert at Holy Cross before this semester. 

Holy Cross students were rewarded with a special fall concert after the student body was able to prove that more than ninety percent of the campus population had gotten their Covid-19 vaccines before arriving at school. As the rumors of possible artists spread among students over the course of almost a month, they anxiously awaited the official announcement. They were very pleasantly surprised when the official date of the concert was drawn on the Hogan window to confirm the news. 

It was confirmed on Sept. 30 that The Kid LAROI would be performing on Freshman Field with DJ Real P opening for him. Students were required to test negative for Covid-19 on the Wednesday on Thursday before the concert and also had to pick up a wristband from the first floor of Hogan in order to identify that they were HC Clear. 

Students were able to arrive at Freshman Field at five o’clock to hear DJ Real P and his remixes of various popular songs and to watch him hype up the crowd. He set the tone for what was a great night at Holy Cross. President Vincent D. Rougeau was also able to thank all the people involved as the crowd of Holy Cross students chanted “HC Clear” in support. 

Photo Courtesy of Grace Bromage ’23

The Kid LAROI came out onto the stage with a bang and immediately lit up the stage. He had a Holy Cross scarf around his neck and the excitement could be felt throughout the entire audience. He performed many songs that are featured on his debut album and he even gave a tribute to rap artist Juice WRLD, who passed away in 2019, by performing his song GO that actually features Juice WRLD. Towards the end of the concert, he sang his song STAY which features Justin Beiber and also peaked at number one on the Hot 100 during this past summer. He also performed another popular song entitled WITHOUT YOU and it seemed like every person in the crowd knew every single word. He ended the night with a special performance of an unreleased song entitled A Thousand Years that he performed exclusively for Holy Cross. This was a night full of music and energy that Holy Cross students will never forget. To say the least, Holy Cross already feels lost WITHOUT YOU, The Kid LAROI.

Thank you to the Covid Response team, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and the Student Government Association (SGA) for making this event happen!

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