Fall Festivities on the Hill

Stacey Kaliabakos ‘23

Features Editor

Autumn is arguably one of the best seasons. With it comes chilly weather, cozy clothes and drinks, and fun fall festivities like pumpkin carving and apple picking. As a junior, I’ve only been able to experience one fall semester at College of the Holy Cross, and I am excited to be beginning my second. I remember the transition from summer to fall marked by all the changes in colors: all of the ivy on campus and the multitude of trees turn from vibrant green to orange, yellow, and red to create a beautiful representation of the perfect fall landscape.

Although Holy Cross students have had a tremendously busy past few weeks (with midterms fast approaching and many essays due before fall break), the school has had an abundance of activities planned to alleviate some stress and allow students to have fun. This past weekend, hay was put down on the floor of the hoval to add a country fall feel to the common hang out spot as the weather grows colder. I also was able to pick up some candied apples with my friends over the weekend, which was definitely a highlight in between the piles of work I had to do. And, I think at this point everyone knows that The Kid LAROI performed at the fall concert on Friday last week. The event was extremely entertaining and, from the looks of it, everyone had a great time. I believe that the climax of the night came when President Vincent Rougeau took to the stage to speak to the crowd. The energy was electric the whole night, and I think the whole student body is looking forward to the next event like this.

Photo Courtesy of HRAs

Additionally, on Sept. 30, the Holy Cross Residence Hall Association hosted Fall Fest, an event held to celebrate the beginning of the fall with fun activities and delicious food. The festivities took place at the brightly lit Jo patio, which has been a space for students to hang out and come together all semester. With indoor mask mandates still in effect, being able to convene outdoors to have fun has been immensely enjoyable for all. At Fall Fest, students were able to enjoy hot apple cider, donuts, and popcorn while sitting around the fire pits scattered around the Jo patio. Also, pleasurable crafts were available for students to partake in, with new and old friends alike. Overall, the night was a success, and I can only imagine how much the Holy Cross community is looking forward to an event like it in the future.

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