Interview with CAB President, Kathleen Miller ‘22

Grace Bromage ‘23


On a typical weekend, students can expect Holy Cross’ campus activities board, known to most students as CAB, to be hosting a variety of activities. So far this semester, students have engaged in mini-gold on the hoval, Worcester Bingo, and 10-Spot coffeehouse performances. To learn more about what CAB has in store for this semester, I contacted Kathleen Miller ‘22, one of CAB’s two co-presidents. 

Can you tell me a little bit more about CAB’s plans for this semester?

This semester we will have events every Friday night on campus (a mix of some CAB classics and new events). We will also have 10-Spot where student musicians can perform on some Tuesday nights in Crossroads. Lastly, we will have a few Special Events throughout the semester, including Winter Weekend.

Is there anything you are most excited for this semester? 

Throughout my time in CAB, I have worked on planning the Spring Concert. I’m really excited that we get to do that again!

Is there anything that will be different about this semester than past semesters?

When we had to switch to virtual programming, CAB got really creative with the events that we had. This semester we hope to continue the creativity by having new events. We’re also going to focus more than ever on having outdoor events.

What’s your own experience being involved with CAB? What drew you towards it?

I joined CAB as a general member in the Concert committee. For the past two years I was a Concert/10-Spot Co-Chair. Now I am the Co-President of Internal Operations and I oversee the Concert/10-Spot Committee. I love planning fun events for the community, especially events as memorable as the Spring Concert.

Is there anything else you would like the student body to know about CAB?

CAB is always looking for General Members to join us! No experience in event planning is necessary- we will train you in everything you need to know!

Photo taken by Chris Marchese ’22

For more details about the variety of activities CAB is planning for this semester, stay tuned to the events tab on myHC. You can also follow their Instagram, @holycrosscab, or contact them at cab@g.holycross.edu.

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