Retraction Statement: Inaccurate Claims in “The Missing Banners” 

The Spire has retracted the May 7, 2021 article “The Missing Banners,” by Jimmy Casey ‘22, on the grounds that it conveys an inaccurate account of the current situation at the Hart Center. Contrary to the article’s claims that the banners honoring basketball players George Kaftan ‘49, Bob Cousy ‘50, Togo Palazzi ‘54, Tom Heinsohn ‘56, Jack Foley ‘62, and Ron Perry ‘80 “no longer hang in the Hart Center,” the banners are in fact currently on display. The banners were temporarily removed for renovation in the summer of 2020. Since then, they have been reinstalled, as Holy Cross Athletics publicized on their Twitter on February 21, 2021. The article has been removed from our website due to its false claims.

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  1. Did you ever hear of retired banners “hanging from the rafters”? Jim Casey’s account of reality is true. The banners “no longer hang in the Hart Center” as they did when the legends were inducted. They have been altered, downsized, stripped of their Crusader emblem and relocated to a much less prominent location. They are now pinned to a wall at the end zone of the Hart Center, reduced and obscure. The real question to be investigated is why were they removed and relocated in the first place… I mean the real reason? Why is Holy Cross so afraid to proudly show tribute to its nationally coveted basketball legacy? Jim Casey’s opinion piece is factual and honorable, and for Holy Cross to issue a redaction is a sham.


  2. Firstly, @Ward Fitzpatrick, Holy Cross has nothing to do with this decision. This Spire is an independent student run newspaper. The College has no say over what the Spire retracts or not.

    Secondly, the facts of the article were decisively not true, they do hang in the Hart Center, and are not “missing” as the title so blatantly says. Holy Cross Athletics has every right to display them wherever they deem fit.

    Please take your conspiracy theories elsewhere. Do not try and stoke controversy where there is none. The Spire will not print what is untrue, especially when Holy Cross Athletics issued a statement on this matter in February.

    Holy Cross alumni should comport themselves in a way that is not so naive and half-informed as you.


  3. With all due respect Holy Cross student you don’t know what you’re talking about. The 6 purple banners that were hung in the rafters during the two ceremonies at the Hart Center referenced in Mr. Casey’s articles no longer hang anywhere in the Hart Center. Therefore by definition they are ‘missing’ as the article accurately states. Also as Mr. Fitzpatrick correctly states the athletic department has put different white jerseys on a wall in the Hart Center and not in the rafters so everyone can see them. Mr. Casey’s article was not false or inaccurate in any way. The athletic department is being less than straightforward and honest about what happened here and they should come clean and explain what actually was done with the banners and why they’re not hanging in their place of honor in the rafters. Instead they have chosen to prevent a student from expressing an opinion in the Spire. I hope their efforts to use Mr. Casey as a scapegoat for their unexplained removal of these banners and escalate this situation will result in the Holy Cross community asking questions about what actually happened and lead to the banners being re-hung in the rafters where they belong.


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