Nasty Nineteen

Julianna Mariani ‘24

Eggplant Editor

So, fun fact, my nineteenth birthday was last Friday. Taurus season baby! The only thing I know about astrology is that that means I’m stubborn and trustworthy. Actually, that’s not even true because I had to look those up. Anyway… I had a pretty fantastic birthday so I thought I’d tell you all about a few of the highlights. 

First of all, I had to wake up at the crack of dawn for enrollment. By the crack of dawn I mean 6:59. This was genuinely the only pit of the day, that and being nauseous in every Uber I took. The enrollment process is really something else at Holy Cross, and not in a good way. This is pretty common knowledge so I don’t feel too guilty exposing our school when I say that it’s miserable. I literally clicked enroll when the clock struck 7:00 on Friday morning and didn’t get into either of those classes. From there I went through the 20 others in my backpack and every one was full. By the time it was 7:15 I had ended up enrolling in a four hour painting class and a random history course about the beginning of time (or something like that).

This all has nothing to do with my point that I had a great birthday though. I refused to let enrollment put a damper on my day, so after I had finished my roommate and I went down to the common room where the Brooks RAs had left out doughnuts for everybody to celebrate my birthday. Yes, my birthday, definitely not the end of enrollment or anything like that.

My roommate, who is just about the sweetest person ever, also decorated the room for me while I was asleep. You may be wondering how this is possible since we live in a 2×4, but I could sleep through an earthquake. Although, according to her, I had a full-fledged conversation with her at four in the morning but she might just be messing with me. Or at least I hope she is, because it’s slightly concerning I don’t remember that. Maybe I’m already losing my mind, I mean I am nineteen now, I’d say that’s pretty old. No offense Mom and Dad.

Classes went by easy breezy and we got lunch at D’Agostino’s which was a treat because everybody knows it’s the best place for food on campus. Then I got to take a phat nap which was much needed. Also got to talk to a bunch of my relatives, even my Aunt who I share a birthday with (pretty special bday present for her nineteen years ago am I right).

For the final chapter of the day, my friends and I went to hibachi for dinner. They made me wear a birthday sash that I attempted to take off whenever I could but not before our waitress noticed and you know what that means at hibachi. Everybody sings for you and there’s a super loud drum and you feel like you could die of embarrassment but it’s also the best feeling.

We ended the night with a cake that I completely butchered in cutting up, and screaming NASTY NINETEEN one more time before the clock struck midnight (I was only allowed to use that phrase unironically on my birthday, for obvious reasons I’m sure). Overall, ten out of ten birth-day, definitely better than last year’s car parade. Lol remember when that was a thing?

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