Campus Locations, Nicknames and Slang Crossword Puzzle

Hannah Johnson ‘21


First years, let’s see how much you’ve learned!! >:)


1. the site for gatherings at Kimball, referencing its four small lawns

5. the women’s side of the fourth floor of Brooks, enclosed behind a big old door and card swipe

6. kinda the newest/safest way to brand us. “Go ___ Go!”

7. the side of Easy Street res halls facing St. Joseph’s

9. (outdated/obscure) an old nickname for Crossroads. today we use a variant of it

11. named thus because it’s easy I guess

13. the easiest side of Easy Street res halls

14. (outdated/obscure) people used to call Holy Cross this?

15. it’s like the fitness center, but holier

16. where you go when you go to Dinand to hit the books and study hard

19. a giant conglomerate of new STEM-delegated spaces is referred to by one ambiguous word

21. a nickname I’ve never heard before for D’Agostino’s except from one person

22. an awesome little booth diner in Worcester, often visited by HC students

24. both the music hall and the best first-year dorm

26. (outdated/obscure) apparently an old nickname for Kimball. kinda cute I guess!


2. the obnoxious name for a “day party”

3. how boomers like me are going to keep accidentally referring to the Brooks res hall

4. timeless nickname for Hogan’s lawn area

8. the better way to refer to D’Agostino’s

10. (outdated/obscure) the bond formed by students who go on a spring break immersion trip to Appalachia

12. (outdated/obscure) back when Stein Hall contained “Cool Beans 2”, it had this nickname because of its Starbucks-like atmosphere

17. it’s still kinda Crusaders, but not really, so maybe this is an acceptable way to refer to us?

18. a fun, brief way to reference the Science Library, particularly in writing

20. modern nickname for Crossroads

23. the nickname that no student gave to the new fitness center

24. legend has it that there was once a cafe in Stein, and it wasn’t too bad!

25. the unique landform we live on that gives us leg day every day. “College ___”

Use the clues to fill in the words above.

Words can go across or down.

Letters are shared when the words intersect.

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