CAB’s Paint Your Own Pottery: A Success!

Nicole Letendre ’23

Features Editor

On Friday, March 5th the Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosted a “Paint Your Own Pottery” Night in Hogan Ballroom. Upon arrival, students showed their green HC Clear checkmark to a CAB member at the door, and were then instructed to scan a QR code to confirm their event signup. From there, students went to pick out the pottery they would paint, choosing between a mug, bowl, or plate. CAB members helped distribute a variety of pastel paint colors onto palettes for the students, making the setup safe for everyone. Hogan ballroom was arranged by two-person tables, safely spread out and covered with fun metallic table coverings, and the remaining painting supplies were left on each table. Scrolling through Pinterest, looking for creative inspiration, seemed to be the first steps for some attendees. It was a great way to unwind from the busy week, and simply get creative! Taking a break from school work and on-campus responsibilities can be so energizing, and CAB’s Pottery Painting Night was a wonderful outlet for some much-needed fun and imagination. 

Students who participated in the Pottery Painting Night can expect an email when items are out of kiln and ready to be put to use. Even the grab-and-go Pottery Painting was hugely popular, with many students actually put on a waiting list to participate. With a limited number of in-person events happening on-campus, programs such as CAB’s Pottery Painting Night seem to be more popular than ever before, as they provide a means for students to socialize safely while participating in a fun activity, like pottery painting! Check out MyHC, as well as the Club and Organization Announcements to hear about new events and programs happening week to week. For students who are on the lookout for in-person campus activities, keep an eye out for future CAB events, and make sure to sign up as soon as possible!   

Graphic design by Kate Nedorostek ’23

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