Surprise! Quarantine

Julianna Mariani ‘24

Eggplant Editor

As everyone seems to already know, this week’s hot gossip on the hill is the Brooks dorm building getting put into quarantine for 48 hours. But the real tea is who brought it. Rumor has it that some UCONN boys came up last weekend and brought good old COVID with them. Holy Cross’s rivalry with BC seems to have been put on the backburner for now as the huskies are on everyone in Brooks’ bad side. Being raised in CT, I own some UCONN apparel, but have now told myself I can’t be caught in any of it for fear of being accused of fraternizing with the “enemy.” I guess I have to cut out the 43 people from my high school class that are all in Storrs right now too. Whoops. To be fair though, it could have happened to anyone. The quote unquote “cancel culture” happening right now is a tad unnecessary if you ask me, because, let’s be honest they weren’t the only visitors this campus has seen in the last month.

It sure wasn’t fun being a resident of Brooks for those 48 hours though. I may or may not have convinced myself we were all going to get COVID and was in panic mode for way too long until my test results came back. If there’s one thing this virus is good at, it’s making you wait. It certainly didn’t help that we had to spend Friday night trapped in our rooms, it was as if the week was finally coming to an end and then HC said “sike” and all there was to do was homework. Which is exactly what my roommate and I spent all night doing, well that and watching How I Met Your Mother. 

We also thought it was hilarious that the school promised to send an update Saturday morning to let us know what the situation was and waited until 20 minutes before the clock struck noon to send it out. Can’t say they didn’t keep their promise on that one. As soon as the notification came through, our entire floor erupted into unanimous cheers of joy that were heard through the walls and, just like that, life was back on track and the weekend could finally begin. For everyone but the fourth floor boys though. Poor guys were all seen being shipped off to the lovely Holiday Inn for a prolonged quarantine. But hey, at least their WiFi will work! Fingers crossed anyway.

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