In-Person Labs: An Interview from Biology Major Maya Millstein ‘23

Grace Bromage ‘23

Chief Features Editor

Students and professors have spent this semester experimenting with a variety of different class modes. While many classes are still fully remote, others have become hybridized, containing both online and in-person components, since Holy Cross has entered its yellow alert. STEM majors taking classes that involve labs are just one group of students who have been attending in-person classes since early on this semester, in the form of their weekly laboratories. I interviewed Maya Millstein ‘23, a sophomore biology and psychology double major, who partakes in one of these in-person labs.

Millstein takes Bio 162, a class that has an in-person lab component that meets once a week. While the lab was online during the first week in which students were back on campus, it transitioned to holding in-person meetings the following week and has remained in-person since then. On what procedures they are taking to ensure students’ safety, Millstein commented, “we are required to have at minimum a surgical mask on, but double masking is encouraged. We are also spaced out in the lab so that no one is too close to each other (4 per table).” Keeping up with the standard Covid-prevention tips, Millstein mentioned that “we have to sanitize our hands and wear gloves for the duration of the lab.” Millstein has enjoyed having an in-person lab and cites that as the reason that she is currently residing on campus this semester.

Photo by Valentina Moran ’23.

On interesting moments in her lab, Millstein commented that “it is definitely a little different than a normal class. Last week we had to work with crickets. When the lab professor was attempting to get them to climb into the tubes to transfer them into a bottle, they refused to get into the tubes so she ended up just reaching into the cage and pulling some out. I was a bit freaked out but none of them escaped!”

While this semester has been an adjustment for all of us, Millstein commented that “I think that campus has been pretty safe. I have not heard of or seen anything super unsafe going on (covid wise).” This sentiment was echoed by several other students I have had the chance to speak to over these past few weeks on campus.

While classes both online and in-person have looked vastly different this year than they have in years past, students have continued to push forward, working hard and making new memories with classmates and professors. 

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