Adam Kinzinger: A True Example of Political Courage

Joe Barbieri ’23

Opinions Editor

Voting to impeach a president is always a tough decision. However, for Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), his decision to impeach President Donald Trump got personal.

Days after voting in favor of impeachment, Kinzinger received a letter from his family who blasted him for his decision. In the letter, he was referred to as “a disappointment.. To us and to God!” while also being criticized for not being “smart enough to see how the left is brainwashing so many [people].”

This letter is sadly another example of how deeply divided we are as a nation. And it is truly a sad day in America when a duly elected representative is condemned for exercising his impartial judgment. 

I also find it funny how members of the Kinzinger family claim that it is the “left” who has brainwashed so many people. The hypocrisy could not be more astounding. In the past four years, President Trump has brainwashed many of his supporters into blind obedience. 

If Trump says “jump,” many will say “how high?”. 

Aside from the conspiracy theories and political drama, it is truly troubling how President Trump is placed on such a high pedestal by many of his supporters. A political candidate should never be held to this standard. There is a reason why America is not a monarchy, and that is because presidents come and go, but our great republic will always stand. 

By simply doing what he was elected to do, Representative Kinzinger was effectively disowned by his family. The oath that he and other members of Congress have taken is one to support and defend the Constitution, not to support and defend President Trump. 

As a matter of fact, it is concerning how quick Republicans are to defend President Trump. It seems like after every false statement or crazy conspiracy, there is at least one party member there to justify the President’s actions. Evidently, I find it next to impossible to defend a twice impeached one-term President who has lost the popular vote twice. 

Representative Kinzinger should be respected for his display of political courage and for sticking up for what he believes in despite the hate he knew he would face. 

To me, Kinzinger is representative of the Republican Party that I once knew. The party of Reagan, Bushes, and Ford is one that has to be resurrected. 

Not only is it time to bring back this old school Republican Party, but it is also time to expel Trumpism from the GOP for good. 

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