Senate Segment


Speaker Updates:

Meetings between Class Senators and their Class Councils will begin shortly. A bill is being drafted to restructure the Senate so that the Speaker and Parliamentarian become in charge of Internal Affairs. The restructuring would also expand the Student Outreach committee to include academic affairs to increase communication and engagement with the student body. Other changes will be made for balancing reasons, and Class Councils could be potentially included in this restructuring process. The Foreign Affairs Correspondents for Spring 2021 are Emma Keane ‘22 in Germany and Caroline Russell ‘22 in D.C. On Feb. 21 at 7pm EST, the RSO Lobbying Association will meet to discuss the new process for re-recognition as MyHC will become the main platform for it, and the paperwork is due March 22. By March 29, the Senate must have a full list of which organizations did their work correctly.

Committee Updates: 

Academic Affairs sent information in updating the website and ensuring that professor pages are up to date with pronouns. Internal Affairs plans to expand outside of committees to bond as a Senate this semester. Public Affairs wants to bring back Spot a Senator for the spring and adapt it to fit under COVID-19 guidelines. Senators can also post a video to the Senate Instagram and talk about bills and legislation they passed. RSO reviewed the Re-Recognition timeline and the Liaison Program. Senate Budget went over the budget process for the spring. Student Outreach is continuing initiatives from last semester, have MSO/IBO definitions in the works, and are preparing a Google Form for questions and concerns to be launched. 

Join us for our next meeting on 2/21 at 8pm EST on Zoom!

Photo by Davey Sullivan ’22.

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