SGA Senate Minutes


Confirmation Hearings:

The Senate confirmed Yulianna Ocampo, Dylan Blunk, Henry Byrne, Nelson Martinez de los Santos, Marisa George, Britt Axelson, and Connor McNerney to the SGA 2020-2021 Cabinet. Congratulations to all!

Speaker Updates:

The RSO liaison program kicked off last week, and Senators are continuing to check in with their assigned RSOs and meet with them to introduce themselves. The timeline for first year student elections runs from October 5th-7th. The RSO Lobbying Association approved the new constitution. 

Committee Updates:

Academic Affairs is working on updating the academic program pages on the Holy Cross website to better reflect different majors and minors. Public Affairs will be launching the first monthly wrap up post for September this upcoming Friday. The SBC gave an update on which clubs were approved for funding. Student Outreach will be sending surveys soon to the student body to gather data and opinions from students to improve their online learning experience.


RSO Name Changes: Athlete Bible Study requested a name change to Active Bible Study, and Kpop Dance Club requested a name change to Kxplosion. These changes were approved.

S-1596 Outdated Election By-Laws: This bill updates the process of filling in a vacancy of an elected position (requires both co-presidents and senate to approve), outlines that campaigning in academic buildings is now strictly prohibited, and allows for travel expenses for students studying away from campus in the reimbursable campaign expenses. This bill passed with 17 yay, 1 abstain, and 0 nay.

S-1597 Cabinet Confirmation Process: This bill adjusts the timeline for the cabinet confirmation process, ensuring that the process occurs during the first month of the new term. This bill passed with 17 yay, 1 abstain, and 0 nay.

Join us for our next session Sunday, October 18th on Zoom at 8pm!

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