Top Articles of 2019-2020

Jackie Cannon ’20


Take a look back on a year in review with the Spire!

Top News Article: Students Walk Out of Diversity Delusion Talk in Protest

When controversial conservative author Heather Mac Donald came to speak at an event sponsored by the Fenwick Review, over 200 students staged a protest and walked out. Chief News Editor Ethan Bachand ’22 covered the action.

Photo by Davey Sullivan ’22
Students waited outside the Mac Donald event as protestors filled Seelos theatre to capacity.

Top Opinions Article: An Open Letter to Heather Mac Donald

Guest Writer Johanna Mackin ’20 submitted an op-ed following the Mac Donald lecture that continued the conversation about the role of free speech and diversity on college campuses

Photo courtesy of city-journal.org

Top Features Article: Crusader of the Week: Gracie

In our first edition of the 2019-2020 year, Holy Cross’s newest celebrity Officer Gracie was featured as the Crusader of the Week. She spilled all, sharing everything from her most embarassing HC moment to her favorite chew toy

Photo courtesy of Holy Cross
Gracie, our first Crusader of the Week for this school year, recently celebrated her first birthday!

Top Eggplant Article: Crazy, Stupid, Kimball

Eggplant Editor Greg Hausler ’20 took the time to chronicle the best date spots on campus, and students couldn’t get enough! Maybe he’ll do a quarantine date edition?

Photo courtesy of LPAA.com
You might have complained about Kimball, but you know you miss it now.

Top Sports Article: Crusader Sports Roundup Through Dec. 10

Editor-in-Chief Billy Fitzpatrick ’20 and Staff Writer Jack Milko ’20 wrote the final Sports Roundup of the first semester, including the highly successful Men’s Club Rugby Team, pictured below.

Honorable Mentions

6. CAB To Host Spring Weekend Concert on Zoom

In the most popular article from our award-winning* eggplant edition, Davey Sullivan ’22 covered the breaking news that Spring Concert, an HC tradition, would take place over Zoom as CAB remained determined to sponsor one of their biggest events of the year.

*All awards were nominated, paid for, and bestowed by the Eggplant section of the Spire.

Photo courtesy of CAB
Zoom Spring Concert will take place this upcoming weekend!

5. Why I have resigned from the Committee on Freedom of Expression

Professor Donald Brand of the Political Science Department shared why he doesn’t support the proposed statement of Freedom of Expression put forth by the Faculty.

4. The Week The World Changed: Holy Cross Senior Edition

When Students were suddenly sent home in March due to the quickly rising numbers of COVID-19 cases, the entire community was shocked and devastated, but no one more than seniors. Emma Powell ’20 reflected on her experience of returning home early and the difficulty of accepting she would not be able to celebrate traditional senior activities on campus.

Photo by Hui Li ’21
The last few days on campus were somber as seniors struggled to accept they would leave HC two months earlier than expected.

3. Alumna Shares Statement Detailing Allegations

Back in November, Alumna Jaime McAllister-Grande ’99 shared her experience at Holy Cross with the Title IX Office after sharing allegations of misconduct by a professor. McAllister-Grande’s statement reignited the conversation about Title IX and sexual misconduct on campus, and we thank her for her willingness to come forward and share her story.

2. Interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci ’62

Our overall fifth-most popular article of the last year! A 2010 interview with HC icon Dr. Anthony Fauci ’62 by former Crusader News Editors Matt Austin ’13 and Jimmy Simmons ’13 received hundreds of views as Dr. Fauci has become a household name amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Special thanks to Matt and Jimmy for sharing this interview with us!

Photo courtesy of holycross.edu
Dr. Anthony Fauci ’62 has become one of the most trusted sources for reliable scientific information on COVID-19.

1. College Mourns Loss of Grace Rett, Class of 2022

The loss of Holy Cross sophomore Grace Rett in a tragic accident with the Women’s Rowing team was devastating for the entire community. On behalf of the Spire, we continue to keep Grace, her family, and friends in our thoughts as well as the other members of the Women’s Rowing team, including those still recovering from their injuries. We honor Grace’s legacy by celebrating her spirit and dedication to everything she did.

Photo courtesy of goholycross.com

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