News in Brief

Eggplant Staff, but mostly Hannah Johnson ’21

J.D. Power™ Survey Proves that Number of Stairs at Holy Cross Increases by 10% Annually

Fr. Boroughs Announces New Academic and Departmental Awards: Most Office Hours Visited, Closest to Failing but Managed to Pass, and Most Money Spent Online Shopping during Class

In Desperate Attempt to Increase Viewership, Seelos Theater Incorporates Happy Hour

A Look Back: Commemorating the Historic STAR Enrollment Revolt of 2011

HC transitions to new sports teams in post-coronavirus shut down: extreme Netflix binging, toilet paper stacking, etc.

An Insider’s Look into Working at Cool Beans: How to Play it Cool when You Forgot to Put Coffee in their Latte

An Honest Look into Living at The Edge at Kimball Quad

Rumors Fly as Former Spire Editor, Cliff the Mongoose, Posts to Instagram Promising his Return

Administration Reveals HC Will Change Mascots Again and Become the Eggplants

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