The Lot: In Memoriam

Matt Anderson ’21
Known to Lot-Goers as “Matty Ice”

Photo bravely stolen from Barstool Holy Cross; what can they do about it?

Everyone should remember their first time. I know I do. A timid first-year, I looked both ways before crossing College Street. Little did I know venturing into a busy road was far safer than my final destination… Catalina. Soon enough I arrived at the corner of Caro and Boyden and beheld the Lot in all her bespoke majesty with virgin eyes. Mud covered most surfaces, along with spilled alcohol and empty bottles. And a smog of cigar smoke clung to the air. At first, I was scared, but being men and women for and with others, the students of Holy Cross were gentle with me, accepting me into their herd and adopting me as one of their own. They were friendly and carefree in a way only daytime intoxication allows.

Darties at the Lot are a staple of Holy Cross culture, in fact, the Princeton Review recently announced that the Catalina Wine Mixer helped Holy Cross to top their annual ranking of schools who darty in an empty parking lot in full suits. While it placed seventh on the list last year (directly behind Brandeis), Holy Cross has long been notorious for its active parking lot darty scene and consistently ranks near the top in such categories as chugging a full boxed wine with friends while discussing summer internships, and blacking out to Mr. Brightside with popped collars. Catalina, in addition to all the other Lot festivities, is a vibrant offshoot of Holy Cross spirit and community. 

Therefore, it came as a shock when the Office of Student Affairs, in the midst of an emerging crisis, sent an email on March 10 titled “Alcohol and Spring.” In it, the office informed the college community that the Lot was for all intents and purposes done: no trespassing signs would be posted, extra police details deployed, and violators would be subject to arrest if they failed to leave the property. The Lot did not go quietly into the night, with many valiant warriors going to the newly invented, and especially raucous, Lot “narty” (nighttime party) in the final days before we left campus. However, the future of the Lot — which has, in the past, seen mass arrests, injuries, but also been the location of friendships formed — is uncertain. The only thing that’s certain is that the familiar grossness of the Lot will forever be in our hearts, or perhaps our livers.

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