Why I’m Getting Real

By Maggie Ober ‘22
Guest Writer

I met Noah at the student activities fair in the fall of my first year on the Hill. I remember his great enthusiasm for SGA and especially for the Senate clerkship program that he led as Clerkship Coordinator. In this position, Noah truly took the time to mentor each and every clerk and first-year in Senate in order to build the program and get our class excited about all that SGA can accomplish. Noah helped me discover my passion for communications and media through my position as Director of Public Affairs in the Senate and assisted me with initiatives surrounding increased dining options for those with food allergies in Kimball and Crossroads. Since then, Noah hasn’t just demonstrated his abilities as a leader and mentor; he’s become the closest thing to an older brother that I’ve ever had. If I was ever stressed or having a bad day, he could always grab lunch and listen to everything I had to say. That’s why I’m voting for Noah. He has sat with me in Kimball listening for hours, so I know he’s ready to listen to the student body. No problem was ever too small for Noah to help fix, and no problem will ever be too small for Noah and Victoria to fix together.

Photo courtesy of @noahvictoria.4hc Instagram

Beyond SGA, Noah has always been a leader, role-model, and mentor to me and my fellow clerks. He is organized, efficient, works well in a team environment, and I am confident that he and Victoria will lead the school excellently. Although I have only known Victoria for a short amount of time, she has displayed that she is fully qualified for the role of co-president because she is committed, reliable, and a leader on this campus. As an outsider to SGA, Victoria will present valuable input as co-president. I have seen their remarkable teamwork, communication skills, and dependability throughout the midst of this campaign, and I am sure that they will leave Holy Cross a better school than they found it. We have the opportunity to take advantage of our Co-Presidency system and elect a pair that possesses both SGA experience and an outside voice.

Not only can I endorse Noah and Victoria on a personal level based on their experience, leadership, teamwork, and mentorship, but I am also confident in the ideas and policies they want to implement next year. They’re not promising abstract, out-of-touch ideas that are impossible to achieve, but solutions to the real problems that matter to us. These are real problems that an everyday student has—not being able to get to Kimball in time because practice ran late, or not feeling safe when walking across campus because there is not enough lighting. While Noah and Victoria recognize that these mundane, everyday problems affect many students, they also realize that as leaders of the school, they also are responsible for tackling the bigger issues that also affect so many of us, such as Title IX, sustainability, and diversity. Big or small, these issues are REAL. It’s time to get real about these problems and find real solutions. I’m confident that Noah and Victoria are committed to seeking transparency and communication as co-presidents in order to get real about the issues that affect all members of our community.

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