I Support Caylie & Paulina for SGA Co-Presidents, and Here’s Why…

By Julia D’Agostino ‘20
Guest Writer

Election season has arrived on the Hill, and you don’t have to be a poli-sci major to get excited! I’m sure you see that little “‘20” next to my name…yes, I’m a senior about to graduate, so why am I even interested in this year’s election? 1. Seniors CAN vote! 2. I want to graduate knowing that Holy Cross is in good hands. Therefore, I personally endorse Caylie and Paulina for SGA Co-Presidents for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Photos courtesy of Julia D’Agostino/Paulina and Caylie’s Instagram

Caylie and Paulina’s platform centers itself on “Discussing Difference, Creating Community.” As an English major, the alliteration of their vision appeals to me; however, as a student of this campus, the inclusive nature of their vision appeals to me even more. Caylie and Paulina’s honesty is refreshing…they have addressed the elephant in the room: they are both white women. As white women, they have had experiences on this campus that others may not have had; at the same time, they have not had experiences on this campus that others may have had. As a white woman, I can attest to this. Caylie and Paulina do not pretend to know the stories and experiences of all the students on this campus. Instead, they acknowledge that there are stories and experiences that need to be shared. What does that require? For a story to be told, a voice must be heard. For a voice to be heard, someone needs to listen. Caylie and Paulina are ready to listen. They want to represent the campus community as a whole, not just bits and pieces of it. Therefore, Paulina and Caylie aspire to create an environment in which dialogue is not only possible but also promoted. 

I believe there is a particular sense of community on this campus. I don’t believe it’s perfect, and I don’t pretend to believe that Paulina and Caylie will make it perfect. That’s just not realistic. They will, I believe, work together, and with the students, to make it better. The first step towards improvement is recognizing where the flaws exist. Unfortunately, some students know these flaws more intimately than others, and with Caylie and Paulina listening, these students will be heard. 

Throughout my time on this campus, I have wondered what the role of a NSGARP (non-SGA regular person) is. I’ve often wondered if the NSGARPs can make a difference on this campus? Then I realized, if the SGA Co-Presidents were the only two people who could engender change on this campus, then the remaining 3,140 students wouldn’t matter, as far as change is concerned. But I know that’s not true. I know that every student matters, and every student has the opportunity to create change at Holy Cross. Caylie and Paulina believe this as well, and as SGA Co-Presidents, they will use their positions to make sure that no voice is silenced.On February 24, I will be voting for Caylie and Paulina. To put it simply, they care. They care about this campus, and they care about its people. Like them, I care about this campus, and I care about its people. I’m making sure my vote reflects that.

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