The Enrollment Process

Veronica Ruiz ‘23

Staff Writer

The computer labs and libraries were crowded with people. There was tension in the rooms. The word “Enroll” was all up on everyone’s desktop screen, just waiting to be clicked on at exactly 7:00 a.m. The enrollment process can be one of the most frustrating experiences for every Holy Cross student. Some students even go as far as sleeping in the library or a computer lab just to reserve a computer. Everyone is looking out for themselves, just hoping to get the classes they want.

Although students can’t officially enroll until 7:00 a.m., freshman Luis Monreal still had to wake up at 6:00 a.m. to walk to a computer lab in order to ensure a computer. Monreal said: “Having to enroll in classes so early is one part of the enrollment process I really disliked, because I had classes right after and I was really tired throughout the day.”

In addition to that, the class sizes are also bothersome. Holy Cross takes pride in the fact that class sizes are small and therefore teachers can give individualized attention to students. However, as Holy Cross accepts more and more students into each graduating class it becomes harder for students to take the classes they need and want.

Sophomore Alyssa Stone feels that: “Holy Cross has been increasing graduating class sizes at a rate that is disproportionate to the actual academic classroom sizes and popular interests.” Even though Stone is a psychology major, she was only able to secure a place in one psychology class this semester. However, she also has a concentration and is planning on studying abroad next year, so she needs more than one psychology class to finish everything on time.

Freshman Angel Brito thinks it would be a better idea if Holy Cross: “set up different time slots for everyone at random in order to prevent students from sleeping in labs and to make the enrollment process go smoother.” It is inevitable that at any school that not everyone is going to get the classes they want every semester. However, it is clear that some changes need to be made in order for students to have a better enrollment experience at Holy Cross.

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