Grubhub System Overloads… Again

Greg Hausler ’20

 Chief  Eggplant Editor

As we have made the campus wide transition from Tapingo to Grubhub there has been quite the learning curve for both Grubhub and the entire Holy Cross community. For non first years this learning curve simply consists of changing our vernacular from saying “oh ya I’ll tapingo that right now” to the extremely difficult “sure gimme a second so I can order it on Grubhub.” While this process has been eerily similar to referring Mulledy as Brooks-Mulledy, it is one that Worcester’s finest students are capable of making. While the transition has been seamless for us students, Grubhub has not had the same luck. Aside from the many days where orders at the Science Cafe or Crossroads are sent back with the message saying “Sorry there has been an error and we cannot process your order at this time”, Grubhub has had the distinct pleasure of hearing from the students themselves and has logged each of their complaints. Once again, the Eggplant sent out its finest journalists to attain records of these interactions with hungry customers, and once again they came back with the juiciest tea that anyone could imagine. Below are just a sample of some students quotes

“All I wanted was a buffalo chicken tenders and fries from Crossroads. Wanna know what your app ordered for me?? Regular chicken tenders and curly fries, I can’t believe you would do such a thing.”- Patrick O’Houlihan, Chaminade 16’ Holy Cross 20’

“I was leaving the lot on Saturday and over 500 kids tried to order on campus food at once. And your stinking app couldn’t handle the workload. If you can’t handle the heat then get out of the kitchen”- Anonymous freshman. The student doesn’t want his name listed so he can be traced back to off campus by Holy Cross administrators. 

“How do you not have Sweetgreen on your app? Like really what is this 2009? Follow my food instagram though!!!”- Meaghan Fitzpatsullygerald ‘22

“Hey sorry to bother I just want a refund. I’m a senior and I just have no desire to walk on campus right now. The 3 minute walk is just too much for me at the current moment”-The entire off campus community

*We understand that these are tragic stories and urge you to come to us with any issues or concerns you may have. 

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