Enrollment Poses Challenges to Students

Emily Croce ’22

Staff Writer

Over the course of the past week Holy Cross students underwent enrollment for the upcoming spring semester. With the stressful 7:00 a.m. wake up call, students and faculty alike experienced the frustrating task of selecting classes. Being a small college, the number of people who can enroll in a course is certainly limited. However, through the enrollment process students truly realize how few classes are initially offered. 

As each grade has their designated day and time to enroll in classes, it makes the process of securing your desired courses more unlikely than not. With an entire grade trying to click “enroll” at the same time, it is no wonder classes fill up within a matter of seconds. That being said, while students prepare for classes to quickly fill by placing a number of alternate courses in their “backpack,” they come to find that those courses end up closed as well. 

The unfortunate struggle of watching the classes you want fill up is one that is all too common among Holy Cross students. While larger colleges and universities have a smooth, stress-free enrollment process where students may enroll in virtually any of the classes they want, it is understandable that our student body feels frustration toward our unique process.  

Sophomore Grace Kelly expressed her disappointment with the enrollment process as she: “filled [her] backpack with multiple options to backup class options, only to end up with two courses.” Even after the close of enrollment, students such as Grace find themselves enrolled in fewer than four classes for the upcoming semester. With backups no longer being available options, and seemingly every other course being full, it is certainly a stressful situation for students to be in. 

In addition, the enrollment process at Holy Cross proves to be even more challenging for certain people depending on their major. Specifically, it is known that psychology, economics, and political science are among some of the most popular majors pursued at Holy Cross. That said, the limited number of classes offered each semester leaves students in these majors fighting for a seat in any course that fulfills their major requirements. 

Sophomore political science major Allison Carvahlo communicated her level of disappointment regarding the number of classes offered for her major as she explains that: “it was very frustrating to log into STAR after the seniors and juniors had already enrolled and see very few spots, if any, open in the upper level political science classes.” Seeing as these upper level courses are a requirement for political science majors to take, it is certainly discouraging to be unable to secure a seat in the class during the given enrollment period. 

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